Try this fun twist on a classic game!

Take new, original Emojis and combine with a classic Sudoku game to enjoy a fun, family-friendly board game!

Emoji Sudoku is a delightful twist on traditional Sudoku puzzles – instead of playing with numbers, you’re playing with funny Emoji! In this version the Emojis replace the classic numbers so you will have nine sets of Emojis, each set is a different color. Group the colors in the appropriate color grid without repeating any Emoji in either the horizontal or vertical rows.

Play at your own pace or race against the clock. Track your fastest times and challenge friends by Facebook, Twitter or eMail to play the identical game and see how they rate against you!

This free app offers 15 puzzles at each skill level – Easy, Medium, and Hard. Upgrade to the ad-free version and receive 100+ additional puzzles!

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